Quantcast Table  7-1.Washing  Machine  Troublesbooting  Chart

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9.   The rinse cycle is completed in the same manner repair.  When  troubleshooting  a  washer,  you  need  to as the wash cycle, and after this cycle, the timer shuts down, completing the operation. have the wiring diagram for that particular washer. Normally, it is pasted to the back panel. Try starting the machine and observing its operation. Run the machine TROUBLESHOOTING.—Before attempting through its cycles so you can trace the trouble to one any repair or replacement of any washing machine circuit  or  component.  Figure  7-3  shows  a  typical  wiring component, you must locate the trouble. Eliminate any diagram of a washing machine. The information shown guesswork. Guesswork can result in time-consuming in table 7-1 should help you troubleshoot a washing Table  7-1.—Washing  Machine  Troublesbooting  Chart TROUBLE PROBABLE   CAUSE REMEDY Motor will not start. Blown fuse. Replace fuse. (No power at motor.) Broken wiring. Repair wiring. Loose connections. Tighten connections. Inoperative timer. Repair  timer. Defective motor. Replace motor. Motor will not turn. Jammed water pump due to foreign matter. Clean  pump. (Motor has power.) Transmission jammed. Repair transmission. Low voltage. Correct voltage. Motor runs but agitator does Belt broken. Replace belt. not. Loose pulleys. Tighten pulleys. Belt off pulleys. Replace belt on pulleys. Faulty timer. Replace timer. Inoperative clutch. Adjust clutch. Broken gear in transmission. Repair transmission. Loose connection at time or clutch solenoid. Tighten connection. Washer washes but does not Water in tub. Check operation of water pump. spin. Faulty timer. Replace timer. Faulty clutch or transmission. Replace clutch or transmission. Loose connection in spin circuit. Tighten connection. No water enters tub. Clogged screen at water valve. Clean screen. Loose connection in water valve solenoid circuit. Tighten connection. Defective solenoid. Replace solenoid. Water valve stuck. Repair valve. Defective timer. Replace timer. Water does not drain. Clogged drain valve screen. Clean screen. Defective water pump. Replace water pump. Drain  hose  plugged. Unplug  hose. Defective timer. Replace timer. Pump  belt  broken. Replace belt. Noisy  operation. Loose pulleys. Tighten pulleys. Cracked belt. Replace belt. Worn transmission. Replace transmission. Worn  pump. Replace pump. Loose cabinet parts. Tighten parts. Agitator operates when basket Improper electrical connection at timer. Correct condition. spins. Defective clutch. Repair clutch. Washer stalls when running. Frozen bearing. Replace bearing. Transmission jammed. Replace transmission. Off-balance load. Distribute clothes evenly in tub. Improper adjustment of vibration switch. Adjust switch. Washer leaks water. Poor door or lid gasket. Replace gasket. Pump seal defective. Replace seal. Hose connection loose. Tighten connection. Machineoverloaded. Remove part of load. Too much water in tub. Check operation of water shutoff. Washer  does  not  cycle. Faulty  timer. Replace timer. Inoperative solenoids. Replace solenoids. Faulty wiring. Repair wiring. Loose circuit connections. Tighten connections. Crossed circuit wires. Check circuits with manufacturer's diagram. Broken transmission parts. Replace transmission. 7-5

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