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not be true. The assumption can result in expensive and time-consuming rework. Play it safe and read the dimensions shown on the drawing. Legend or Symbols The legend, if used, is generally placed in the upper right-hand comer of a blueprint below the revision block. The legend is used to explain or define a symbol or special mark placed on a blueprint. A symbol may have more than one meaning. It should be noted that all symbols used are not from a single standard. The important thing is that you understand the meaning of the symbols on the drawing on which you are working. The legend will give you that meaning. The legend in figure 2-3 shows the symbols and their meanings from the partial floor plan below it. Bill of Material On a blueprint, the bill of material block contains a list of the parts and material used on or required by the print  concerned. The  block  identifies  parts  and materials by stock number or other appropriate number and also lists the quantity used or required. The bill of material often contains a list of standard parts,  known  as  a  parts  list  or  schedule.  Many commonly used items, such as machine bolts, screws, fittings,   and valves, have been standardized by the Figure 2-3.—A legend with partial floor plan. 2-3

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