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Figure 5-28 shows how to make a pigtail splice. Note the two ways to end the splice. When the splice is taped. the ends must be bent back so the sharp edges will not penetrate  the  tape  (fig.  5-28).  When  a  solderless connector is used instead of tape. the ends are cut off (fig. 5-28). When more than two wires are joined in a pigtail splice, as shown in figure 5-29, they should be twisted together securely before the solderless connector is put Figure 5-28.—Simple pigtail splice. Figure 5-29.—Multiple-wire pigtail splice. on. Twisting the wires together first ensures that all the wires  are  fastened  together  properly. Western Union Splice The Western Union splice (fig. 5-30) is used when the connection must be strong enough to support long lengths of heavy, wire. In the past. this splice was used to repair telegraph wires. If the splice is to be taped, care  should  be  taken  to  eliminate  any  sharp  edges  from the wire ends. T-tap The T-tap (fig. 5-31) is a type of splice that allows a connection to be made without cutting the main line. This connection is one of the most difficult to make. A certain amount of practice may be necessary to make this  connection  look  neat.  Study  figure  5-3  1  to determine the proper technique in making this splice. Portable Cord Splices Cord splices are weak because there is no connector to hold them together; therefore. they should be used for emergency purposes only. If the cord must be saved, use twist lock plugs and receptacles to rejoin the cord. Figure 5-32  shows  how  solid  wires  are  spliced.  The  individual splices are staggered to prevent a large bump when the cord is taped. Additional strength may be added to this splice by soldering each individual splice. Figure 5-30.—Western Union splice used where substantial strain may be placed on the connection. 5-22

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