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Figure 2-8.—Architectural symbols for plans and elevations. scale. He selects some smaller dimension to represent a foot and reduces all dimensions to this unit. A floor plan or an elevation is often drawn at l/48 the size of the real building. A drawing 1/48th size would be drawn at a scale of 1/4" = 1'0". Each l/4 inch on the drawing equals 1 foot on the actual building. Different scales are used to show different areas of the drawings. While floor plans and elevations are commonly drawn l/4" = 10, detail drawings are drawn at a larger scale, usually 1" = 10. Sometimes full-scale drawings are used to show a small detail. The scale is normally noted in the title block or beside each drawing on the print. Scaled drawings are made using an architect’s scale (fig. 2-11). An architect’s scale has 11 scales (table   2-2).  The  numbers  at  each  end  of  the architect’s  scale  designate  the  scale.  Figure  2-12 shows an enlarged view of part of a l/4-inch scale. Each division on the scale equals 1 foot on the actual building. The small divisions to the right equal 1 inch  on  the  building,  thereby  allowing  more  accurate measurement. This scale is read from right to left. Architects  and  drafters  use  an  architectural  scale  to draw blueprints. Figure 2-13 shows how the scale is used to check a measurement on a blueprint. Note how the small divisions (at the right) are used to get exact measurements; in this case, 8 feet 8 inches. MODULAR  DIMENSIONS Some blueprints are drawn so that features on the structure  fall  within  a  set  module  or  measure.  A modular  system  is  based  upon  a  grid  with  a  set measure, normally 4 inches or a multiple of 4 inches, such as 16. 24, or 48 inches. Walls, floor levels, and 2-12

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