Quantcast Table 4-1.-Weight and Maximum Sizes of Sheet Glass

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Table 4-1.-Weight and Maximum Sizes of Sheet Glass Table 4-2.-Grades of Sheet Glass All heat-absobing glass must be clean cut. Nibbling to The maximum size glass that may be used in a remove  flares  or  to  reduce  oversized  dimensions  of particular location is governed to a great extent by wind heat-absorbing  glass  is  not  permitted. load.  Wind  velocities,  and  consequently  wind  pressures, increase with height above the ground. Various building SHEET GLASS SIZES AND GRADES codes or project specifications determine the maximum allowable glass area for wind load. Sheet glass is produced in a number of thicknesses, but only 3/32- and 1/8-inch sheets are commonly used SASH PREPARATION as  a  window  glass.  These  thicknesses  are  designated, respectively, as single strength (SS) and double strength Attach the sash so that it will withstand the design (DS). Thick sheet glass, manufactured by the same load  and  comply  with  the  specifications.  Adjust,  plumb, method as window glass, is used in openings that exceed and  square  the  sash  to  within  1/8  inch  of  nominal window-glass-size recommendations. Table 4-1 lists dimensions  on  shop  drawings.  Remove  all  rivets, the thicknesses, weights, and recommended maximum screws, bolts, nail heads, welding fillets, and other sizes. Sheet glass comes in six grades (table 4-2). projections  from  specified  clearances.  Seal  all  sash 4-24

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