Quantcast Figure 7-7.Hydraulic clutch operating system.

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Figure 7-6.—Mechanical clutch operating systems (cable type of linkage). other mechanical systems use a flexible type of cable disengages   the   clutch.   Hydraulic   types   of   clutch (fig.   7-6).   These   systems   are   normally   found   in operating   systems   are   normally   found   in   heavy automotive   applications.   The   hydraulic   operating construction  equipment  where  extreme  pressure  is system (fig. 7-7) moves the release lever by hydraulic required to operate the clutch. pressure.  Depressing  the  clutch  pedal  creates  pressure in  the  clutch  master  cylinder,  actuating  the  slave Most   automotive   and   construction   equipment cylinder which, in turn, moves the release arm and clutches work on the same principle and are similar in Figure 7-7.—Hydraulic clutch operating system. 7-4

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