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Figure 8-5.—Typical screw and to cool the air during the compression cycle. Oil is removed from the compressed air by an oil separator before it leaves the service valves. SCREW TYPE OF COMPRESSOR The screw type of air compressor is an oil-injected, helical screw, direct drive, positive displacement air compressor. It maybe single or dual stage (fig. 8-5). The design is relatively simple, being a pair of precisely matched  spiral-grooved  rotors  (fig.  8-6)  turning  within a single-piece twin-bore cylinder. The rotors provide positive-displacement-internal compression-smoothly, without surging. The matched rotors, one lobed and one grooved, intermesh in the twin bores of the single-piece cylinder. As the rotors turn and unmesh at one end, air is  taken  in,  compressed,  and  moved  through  the twin-bore cylinder by the rotors as they rotate. Figure 8-7 shows the steps of airflow past the rotors; figure 8-8 shows aside view of the airflow through the compressor. Compression  takes  place  within  the  twin-bore  cylinder Figure 8-6.—Male and female screw type of air compressor rotors (matched set). type of air compressor. Figure 8-7.—The compression cycle of a screw type of air compressor. 8-4

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