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Figure 11-20.—Typical tandem axle system. Full-Floating  Axles The full-floating axle is used in most heavy trucks. (See fig. 11-23.) These axle shafts may be removed and replaced  without  removing  the  wheels  or  disturbing  the differential. Each wheel is carried on the end of the axle tube on two ball bearings or roller bearings, and the axle shafts are bolted to the wheel hub. The wheels are driven through a flange on the ends of the axle shaft which is bolted  to  the  outside  of  the  wheel  hub.  The  bolted connection  between  the  axle  and  wheel  does  not  make Figure 11-22.—Three-quarter floating rear axle. Figure 11-21.—Semifloating rear axle. Figure 11-23.—Ful1-floating rear axle. 11-19

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