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Table  6-2.—Silver  Brazing  Filler  Metal  Alloys Silver Brazing comparable to those made by fusion welding without Often, you will be called on to do a silver brazing job.  Table  6-2  lists  different  types  of  silver  brazing alloys  and  their  characteristics.  A  popular  way  to  apply silver brazing metal on a tubing is to use silver alloy rings, as shown in figure 6-17. This is a practical and economical way to add silver alloy when using a pro- duction line system. Another method of brazing by using preplaced brazing shims is shown in figure 6-18. The requirements  of  each  job  varies;  however,  through  ex- perience you can become capable of selecting the proper procedure to produce quality brazing. the destruction of the base metal characteristics. Braze welding is also called bronze welding. Braze welding has many advantages over fusion welding.  It  allows  you  to  join  dissimilar  metals,  to minimize heat distortion, and to reduce extensive pre- heating. Another side effect of braze welding is the elimination of stored-up stresses that are often present in fusion welding. This is extremely important in the repair of large castings. The disadvantages are the loss of strength when subjected to high temperatures and the inability to withstand high stresses. BRAZE  WELDING EQUIPMENT Braze  welding  is  a  procedure  used  to  join  two pieces of metal. It is very similar to fusion welding The equipment needed for braze welding is basi- with the exception that the base metal is not melted. cally identical to the equipment used in brazing. Since The  filler  metal  is  distributed  onto  the  metal  surfaces braze welding usually requires more heat than brazing, by tinning. Braze welding often produces bonds that are an  oxyacetylene  or  oxy-mapp  torch  is  recommended. 6-12

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