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Figure  3-13.—Standard  groove  welds. TYPES OF WELDS Some of the com- the bead, groove, resistance. There are many types of welds. mon types you will work with are fillet, surfacing, tack, plug, slot, and As a beginner, the first type of weld that you learn to produce is called a weld bead (referred to simply as a bead). A weld bead is a weld deposit produced by a single pass with one of the welding processes. An ex- ample of a weld bead is shown in figure 3-12. A weld bead  may  be  either  narrow  or  wide,  depending  on  the amount of transverse oscillation (side-to-side move- ment) used by the welder. When there is a great deal of oscillation, the bead is wide; when there is little or no oscillation,  the  bead  is  narrow.  A  weld  bead  made  with- out  much  weaving  motion  is  often  referred  to  as  a stringer bead. On the other hand, a weld bead made with  side-to-side  oscillation  is  called  a  weave  bead. Groove welds are simply welds made in the groove between two members to be joined. The weld is adapt- able to a variety of butt joints, as shown in figure 3-13. Groove welds may be joined with one or more weld beads, depending on the thickness of the metal. If two or more beads are deposited in the groove, the weld is made with multiple-pass  layers, as shown in figure 3-14. As a rule, a multiple-pass layer is made with stringer beads in manual operations. As a Steelworker, you will use groove welds frequently in your work. Another term you should be familiar with, when making a multiple-pass weld, is the  buildup sequence, as shown in figure 3-15. Buildup sequence refers to the Figure 3-14.—Multiple-pass layers. Figure 3-15.—Weld layer sequence. order in which the beads of a multiple-pass weld are deposited  in  the  joint. NOTE: Often  welding  instructions  specify  an  in- terpass temperature. The interpass  temperature refers to  the  temperature  below  which  the  previously deposited  weld  metal  must  be  before  the  next  pass  may be  started. 3-9

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