Quantcast The Iron master Portable Hydraulic Rod Bender and Shear

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minimum bend diameters have been established for the  different  bar  sizes  and  for  the  various  types  of hooks. These bending details are shown in figure 7-11. You can use many different types of bends. The one you select depends on where you are to place the rods. For  example,  there  are  bends  on  heavy  beam  and girder  bars,  bends  for  reinforcement  of  vertical columns  at  or  near  floor  levels,  bends  for  stirrups  and column ties, bends for slab reinforcement, and bends for bars or wire for column spiral reinforcement. To save yourself some time and extra work, try to make all  bends  of  one  kind  at  one  time  instead  of remeasuring  and  resetting  the  templates  on  your bending block for different bends. Figure 7-11.—Standard hook details The Iron master Portable Hydraulic Rod Bender and Shear The Ironmaster portable hydraulic rod bender and shear (fig. 7-12) can cold-work reinforcing bars into various  shapes  for  use  in  concrete  construction  work. The machine is capable of working reinforcing bars up to and including No. 11 bars, which is equivalent in  a  cross-sectional  area  to  1  1/4-inch  (31.75  mm)- square or 1 1/2-inch (38.1 mm)-round bar. In  addition  to  all  sizes  of  reinforcing  bars,  the Ironmaster  will  also  work  bars  of  higher  carbon content  desired  in  the  fabrication  of  anchor  bolts,  and so  forth.  However,  limitations  must  be  imposed  when considering  bar  of  1-inch  (25.4  mm)  diameter  or greater that have a carbon content of greater than 0.18 percent, such as SAE 1020 cold-finished steel. Bars under  1  inch  (25.4  mm)  in  diameter  should  have  a carbon content of no greater than 0.37 percent, such as SAE 1040 C. F. steel. Although the Ironmaster is powered to work steels of  heavier  sections  than  1  1/2-inch  (38.1  mm) reinforcing bar, the manufacturer must place safety limitations  on  it  when  considering  various  alloys  and shapes  of  steel.  Users  will  undoubtedly  adapt  this versatile machine to perform work other than common bar   bending,   such   as   bending   flats   and   angles. However, the primary intention of the manufacturer was  to  produce  a  machine  for  bending  concrete reinforcing  steel.  The  manufacturer  recommends  that the Ironmaster not be used on steels heavier than 1 1/4-inch  (31.75  mm)-square mm)-round  reinforcing  bar. or  1  1/2-inch  (38.1 127.281 Figure 7-12.—Ironmaster portable hydraulic bender and shear. 7-10

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