Quantcast Pipe Fitting and Layout Operations

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Figure 3-39.—Paper and combination templates. Figure 3-40.—Use of template in laying out a steel channel. correspond with marks shown on the detail drawing (fig.  3-41). The ERECTION MARK of a member is used to identify  and  locate  it  for  erection.  It  is  painted  on  the completed member at the left end, as shown on the detail drawing, and in a position so that it will be right side  up  when  the  member  is  right  side  up  in  the finished structure. An ASSEMBLY MARK is painted on each piece on completion of its layout so that the piece can be identified  during  fabrication  and  fitting  up  with  other pieces to form a finished member. PIPE FITTING AND LAYOUT OPERATIONS Lack  of  templates,  charts,  and  mathematical formulas  need  not  hinder  you  in  pipe  layout.  In emergencies, welded pipe of equal diameter can be laid out in the field quickly and easily. By using the methods described here and a few simple tools, you can  lay  out  branches  and  Y  connections  as  well  as turns of any angle, radius, and number of segments. The   few   simple   tools   required   are   both   readily available  and  familiar  to  the  Steelworker  through almost daily use. A framing square, a bevel protractor with a 12-inch (20-cm) blade, a spirit level, a spring steel wraparound (or tape), a center punch, a hammer, and a soapstone will meet all needs. (A stiff strip of cardboard or a tin sheet about 3 inches [7.5 cm] wide also makes a good wraparound.) For purposes of our discussion,  the  long  part  of  the  framing  square  is referred to as the BLADE and the short part as the TONGUE. LAYOUT OPERATIONS Two methods of pipe layout are commonly used. They are the one-shot method and the shop method. The ONE-SHOT method is used in the field. With this 3-15

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