Quantcast Using Lineman's Side Cutting Pliers

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TM 9-243 USING  LINEMAN’S  SIDE  CUTTING  PLIERS NOTE The  following  procedure  for  twisting  wires is not the only use of lineman’s side cut- ting pliers. 2 Grasp the ends of the wires (2) firmly on the ser- rated jaws (3) and twist the pliers (4). 3 Continue twisting pliers until wire has been twisted to desired length. 1 Using one hand, hold wires to be twisted (1) just above the point where the twist is to begin. 4 Open plier jaws and place the ends of the twisted wires  between  the  cutting  edges  (5).  Trim  the  ends of the wire. CARE OF PLIERS AND TONGS Remove dirt and grease with a clean rag and apply a light coat of oil after each use. Store pliers in a tool box or hang on racks when not in use. Do not remove insulation on handles or oil handles which are insulated. Do not use pliers for prying or for removing nuts or bolts. Replace all pliers which have broken jaws, handles, or cutting edges. 17-5/(17-6    blank)

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