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TM 9-243 TYPES AND USES A wrench is a tool specially designed to tighten or loosen nuts,  bolts,  studs,  and  pipes.  Wrenches  are  forged  from steel alloy to prevent breakage. There are many differ- ent types of wrenches. Each type has its own use. By using  the  properwrench  for  the  task  to  be  done,  you  will not  break  the  wrench,  damage  the  equipment,  or  cause personal  injury.  The  following  section  is  intended  to  give you information on the different wrench types. OPEN-END  WRENCHES The engineer’s double open-end wrench has different size  openings  on  each  end.  This  type  of  an  arrangement permits a smaller number of wrenches to complete a set. The engineer’s double open-end wrench is also used to reach behind or below blind surfaces. All  open-end  wrenches  have  open  jaws  on  one  or  both ends of the wrench. Most jaw openings are offset from the shank portion of the wrench by 15 degrees. The wrench length is determined by the size of the jaw opening.  Some  of  the  more  common  types  of  open-end wrenches and their uses are listed below. The construction wrench combines the open-end jaw with  a  long  tapered  shank  providing  a  wrench/alignment punch combination. The construction wrench is used in the building trades and on heavy objects which require alignment before fastening. The engineer’s single open-end wrench has a long smooth shank providing the user with a better gripping surface. It is used to reach behind or below blind surfaces. 25-2

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