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TM 9-243 TYPES  AND  USES  -  Continued STAYBOLT  TAPS Staybolt  taps  are  used  in  boiler,  locomotive,  and  railroad shops  for  tapping  holes  in  the  outer  and  inner  plates  or shells of boilers. The staybolt tap has two separate threaded areas. The first is for cutting threads and the second  is  for  guiding  the  tap  into  another  piece  of  metal for threading by the cutting threads. The spindle-type staybolt has an adjustable spindle which changes the distance between the cutting threads and the guide threads. DIES MUD  HAND  TAPS  (WASHOUT  TAP) The mud or washout tap has six flutes, tapers 1-1/4 inch per foot, and has 12 threads per inch. It is used for cutting  American  National  or  V-form  threadsin  mud  plug drain holes. RETHREADING  DIE Rethreading  dies  are  used  to  restore  bruised  (rounded) or rusty threads on screws and bolts. The rethreading die is hexagonal in shape and may be turned with a socket,  box,  open-end,  or  any  other  wrench  that  will  fit. They are available in American Coarse and Fine Threads. Rethreading dies are available in a variety of sizes and are usually assembled in sets with a case. TWO-PIECE  COLLET  DIE The  two-piece  collet  die  consists  of  the  two  die  sections, the collet cap, and collet guide. The die sections are placed inside the cap and held in place by the guide. Adjustment of the die is done by turning setscrews on either end of the internal slot. They are used to cut American Standard Coarse and Fine Threads and are available  in  assorted  sizes. 38-3

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