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TM  9-243 USING  A  CENTER  GAGE The center gage is used to set thread cutting tools. Four scales  on  the  gage  are  used  for  determining  the  number of  threads  per  inch.  The  gage  is  also  used  to  check  cut threads  and  the  scales  are  used  to  measure  threads  per inch. USING A SCREW PITCH GAGE If the pitch of a thread is not known, it can be determined by  comparing  it  with  the  standards  on  the  various  screw pitch gages. 1. Place a blade of a gage (1) over the threads (2) and check  to  see  whether  it  meshes;  if  not,  successively check each blade of the gage against the thread until it meshes. 2. The pitch can be read off the correct blade. The blades are made pointed so that they can be inserted in small nuts to check inside threads as well as outside threads. USING A SMALL HOLE GAGE The small hole gages perform the same function as telescoping gages, except that they are used in smaller work. 1. Fit  the  ball-shaped  point  (1)  into  the  hole  or  slot  (2). 2. Expand the ball-shaped end by turning the screw (3) at the end of the handle. 3. Use micrometer to gage the measurement. 16-6

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