Quantcast Figure 5-23.Diagram of typical Detroit diesel fuel system.

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gear pump and the use of a restricted fitting located   at   the   cylinder   head   return   fuel manifold. 4.   To purge the fuel system of any air; the system is recirculator-y in operation, therefore allowing any air to be returned to the fuel tank. Since the basic fuel system used on all Detroit diesel engines is identical as far as components used, the description of operation for one can be readily related to any other series of Detroit diesel engine (fig. 5-23). The  basic  fuel  system  consists  mainly  of  the following: 1. Fuel injectors. 2. Fuel pipes to and from the injectors (inlet and outlet). 3.   Fuel  manifolds,  which  are  cast  internally  within the cylinder head. The upper manifold is the "inlet" and the lower is the "return" or "outlet." To prevent confusion, the words in and out are cast in the side of the head. Figure 5-23.—Diagram of typical Detroit diesel fuel system. 5-27

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