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Do not attempt to obtain a smooth running engine by changing control-rack settings without first timing and equalizing injection in the recommended manner. Governor Detroit diesel engines use both mechanical and hydraulic governors on the engines of the following type: 1. 2. 3. Mechanical limiting speed governor Variable mechanical speed governor Variable low-speed limiting speed mechanical governor 4.   Mechanical  constant  speed  governor  (earlier engines) 5.   Dual-range  limiting  speed  mechanical  governor 6.   Woodward SG hydraulic governor 7.   Woodward PSG hydraulic governor 8.   Woodward electric governor On Detroit diesel engines the type of governor used is dependent on the particular engine application; therefore, setup can vary slightly between engines. All Detroit   diesel   mechanical   governors   are   easily identifiable by a nameplate attached to the governor housing. The following letters are typical examples. DWLS: double-weight limiting speed (mobile equipment) SWLS:  single-weight  limiting  speed  (mobile equipment) Regardless of whether the limiting speed governor is of the single- or double-weight variety, the action of the governor is the same. The purpose of the limiting speed governor is as follows: 1. Controls engine idle speed 2. Limits the maximum speed of the engine The  application  of  the  engine  determines  whether  a single- or double-weight governor will be used. The most prominent application for the limiting speed governor is highway truck engines, since the governor has no control in the intermediate engine speed range. This allows the operator to have complete control of the injector rack movement through throttle action alone. This  permits  fast  throttle  response  for  engine acceleration or deceleration. SWVS:  single-weight  variable  speed  (industrial and marine) VLSLS:   variable   low-speed   limiting   speed (highway vehicles) DWDRG: double-weight dual range governor (highway vehicles) The variable speed mechanical governor is found extensively  on  industrial  and  marine  applications,  since it is designed for the following functions: 1. Controls the engine idle speed 2. Controls the maximum engine speed SG, PSG, SGX, UG8: Woodward hydraulic-type governors (industrial and generator sets) 3.   Holds  the  engine  speed  at  any  position  between idle and maximum as desired and set by the operator. The functions of all these governors, whether mechanical or hydraulic, are to control engine speed and correct for any change in load applied or removed from the engine. They all work on the basic principle of weights   against   spring   pressure;   therefore,   all governors are of the speed-sensing type. The response and reaction of the variable speed mechanical governor is similar to that of the limiting speed type with just a few exceptions.   Since  the  varia- ble  speed  mechanical  governor  controls  speed  through- out the total rpm range, there is no intermediate range as with the limiting speed governor. The variable speed governor uses only one set of weights and one spring. Since the action of all these governors is the same, In a variable speed mechanical governor, any given but with a difference only in purpose, we will discuss throttle setting or load from idle to maximum speed, a the two most common types found on a Detroit diesel engine—the limiting and variable speed governors. The limiting speed type governor is found in both single- and double-weight version and can also be found on both in-line and V-type engines. Riveted on the  side  of  the  governor  housing  is  an  identification plate, which shows the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Governor part number Date of manufacture Idle speed range Type, such as DWLS, meaning double-weight limiting speed Drive ratio 5-32

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