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between the flywheel and the pressure plate. There are two types of pressure plates—the coil spring type and the diaphragm type. Coil spring pressure plate uses small coil springs similar  to  valve  springs  (fig.  4-6).  The  face  of  the pressure  plate  is  a  large,  flat  ring  that  contacts  the clutch disc during clutch engagement. The backside of the pressure plate has pockets for the coil springs and brackets for hinging the release levers. During clutch action, the pressure plate moves back and forth inside the clutch cover. The release levers are hinged inside the pressure plate to pry on and move the pressure plate face  away  from  the  clutch  disc  and  flywheel.  Small clip-type springs fit around the release levers to keep them  rattling  when  fully  released.  The  pressure  plate cover fits over the springs, the release levers, and the pressure  plate  face.  Its  main  purpose  is  to  hold  the assembly together. Holes around the outer edge of the cover are for bolting the pressure plate to the flywheel. Diaphragm pressure plate (fig. 4-7) uses a single diaphragm spring instead of coil springs. This type of pressure  plate  functions  similar  to  that  of  the  coil spring  type.  The  diaphragm  spring  is  a  large,  round disc of spring steel. The spring is bent or dished and has pie-shaped  segments  running  from  the  outer  edge  to the  center.  The  diaphragm  spring  is  mounted  in  the pressure plate with the outer edge touching the back of the pressure plate face. The outer rim of the diaphragm is secured to the pressure plate and is pivoted on rings (pivot  rings)  approximately  1  inch  from  the  outer  edge. Figure 4-6.—Coil spring pressure plate. Figure 4-7.—Diaphragm pressure plate operation. 4-5

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