Quantcast Assignment Questions - 14273_401

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3-54.    What component of a multiple-disc clutch is used to distribute application pressure equally on the surfaces of the clutch discs and plates? 1.   Clutch  hub 2.   Pressure  plate 3.   Clutch  drum 4.   Clutch  springs 3-55.   What component of a multiple-disc clutch ensures a rapid release of the clutch when hydraulic pressure to the clutch piston is released? 1.  Clutch  springs 2.   Clutch  hub 3.   Clutch  drum 4.  Pressure   plate 3-56.    What component of an automatic transmission is designed to lock a planetary gearset element to the transmission case so the element can act as a reactionary member? 1.   Brake  band 2.   Multiple-disc  clutch 3.   Servo 4.   Valve  body 3-57.    Of the following functions, which one is NOT a basic function of the hydraulic system of an automatic transmission? 1.    Actuate clutches and bands 2. Control shifting patterns 3.    Circulate transmission fluid 4.    Control the planetary gearset elements 3-58.   So it can be driven by the engine, the hydraulic pump of an automatic transmission is keyed to what component? 1.    Transmission  case 2. Flywheel 3. Torque  converter  hub 4. Engine  crankshaft 3-59.    Of the following functions, which one is NOT a function of the hydraulic pump of an automatic transmission? 1.    To produce pressure to operate the clutches 2.    To lubricate the moving parts of the transmission 3.    To keep the torque converter tilled 4. To route excess transmission fluid to the cooling tank 3-60.   What valve in an automatic transmission is operated by the shift mechanism, allowing the operator to select park, neutral, reverse, or different drive ranges? 1.   Manual 2.   Kickdown 3.   Governor 4.   Shift 3-61.   What component works in conjunction with the vacuum modulator to determine shift points in an automatic transmission? 1.   Manual valve 2.   Kickdown valve 3.   Governor valve 4.   Shift valve NRTC-27

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