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armature  core  iron.  Touch  the  other  probe  to  each commutator  segment  in  turn.  If  the  armature  is grounded, the bulb in the base of the growler will light. In contacting armature surfaces with the test probes, do not  touch  the  bearing  or  the  brush  surfaces  of  the commutator.  The  arc  would  burn  or  pit  the  smooth finish. Replace the armature if it is grounded. In   testing   individual   armature   coils   for   open circuits, use the test probes, as shown in figure 2-20. Place  them  on  the  riser  part  of  adjacent  commutator Figure 2-20.—Testing an armature for open circuits. bars, not on the brush surfaces. If the test lamp does not light, there is a break some where in the coil. Repeat this  test  on  every  pair  of  adjacent  bars.  Do  this  by walking the probes from bar to bar. Should you find an open  coil,  the  fault  may  be  at  the  commutator connectors where it is possible to make repairs with a little  solder.  If  a  coil  is  open-circuited  internally,  the armature should be discarded. ALTERNATORS The   alternator   (fig.   2-21)   has   replaced   the   dc generator  because  of  its  improved  efficiency.  It  is smaller,  lighter,  and  more  dependable  than  the  dc generator.  The  alternator  also  produces  more  output during  idle  which  makes  it  ideal  for  late  model vehicles. The alternator has a spinning magnetic field. The output   windings   (stator)   are   stationary.   As   the magnetic field rotates, it induces current in the output windings. Alternator Construction Knowledge of the construction of an alternator is required   before   you   can   understand   the   proper operation,  testing  procedures,  and  repair  procedures applicable to an alternator. Figure 2-21.—Typical alternator. 2-17

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