Quantcast Figure  1-6.Spacing  of  anchor  bolts.

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Figure 1-5.—Methods of sill fastening to foundations. Figure  1-6.—Spacing  of  anchor  bolts. install the washers and nuts. As the nuts are tightened, make sure the sills are properly aligned. Also, check the distance from the edge of the foundation wall. The sill must be level and straight. Low spots can be shimmied with wooden wedges, but it is better to use grout or mortar. FASTENING TO FOUNDATION WALLS Wood  sills  are  fastened  to  masonry  walls  by 1/2-inch anchor bolts. These bolts, also known as j-bolts because of their shape, should be embedded 15 inches or more into the wall in unreinforced concrete (fig. 1-5, view A) and a minimum of 7 inches into reinforced concrete (view B). The length of the anchor bolt is found in the specifications; the spacing and location of the bolts are shown on the drawings. If this information is not available, anchor bolt spacing should not exceed 6 feet on center (OC). Also, a bolt must be placed within 1 foot of the ends of each piece (as shown in fig. 1-6). There  are  alternative  ways  to  fasten  sill  plates  to foundations.  Location  and  building  codes  will  dictate which  to  use.  Always  consult  the  job  specifications before  proceeding  with  construction. 1-3

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