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K-SPAN BUILDING Training K-SPAN  buildings  (fig.  9-8)  are  a  new  form  of construction   within   the   Seabee   community.   The intended uses of these buildings are for open storage; however,  these  buildings  can  be  designed  for  use  as office   spaces,   hangars,   supply   buildings,   medical facilities,   and   more   permanent   structures.   It   is   a self-contained,   metal   building   manufacturing   plant (Automatic  Building  Machine)  mounted  on  a  trailer, forming a type of “mobile factory.” There are two types of K-SPAN building machines, as shown in figures 9-9 and 9-10: the MIC 120 and the MIC 240 (Super Span). An interesting aspect of this machine is that it can be easily transported by air anywhere in the world. The ABM System has already been certified for air transport by the U.S. Air Force in C- 130, C- 141, and C-5 aircraft. Training personnel in the operation of all related K-SPAN  equipment  is  essential.  The  formal  training  of K-SPAN  construction  is  held  at  both  NCRs.  Crew members and leaders, once trained, can instruct other members of the crew in the safe fabrication and erection of a K-SPAN. Each regiment has personnel certified by MIC  Industries  to  instruct  this  training. The training provided to you is not to be taken as the absolute and only way to construct the K-SPAN. As in the case of most construction procedures, there are several  different  ways  to  accomplish  the  task.  Crew size, experience, and type of equipment available may alter the way you perform the task; however, you should Figure  9-10.—Automatic  Building  Machine  240. 9-13

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