Quantcast Figure 4-13.Common cutting torch tips and their uses.

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Figure 4-13.—Common cutting torch tips and their uses. becomes  critical  due  to  the  long  lead  time  between chases its cutting and welding equipment, there is the resupply. possibility of having two or three different types of Each manufacturer makes many different types of cutting torches in your kits. Make sure that the cutting cutting  tips.  Although  the  orifice  arrangements  and  the tips match the cutting attachment and ensure that the tip material are much the same among the manufactur- cutting attachment matches the torch body. Figure 4-13 ers, the part of the tip that fits into the torch head often shows the different styles of tips, their orifice arrange- differs in design. Because of the way the Navy pur- ments, and their uses. The tips and seats are designed to 4-10

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