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Figure  1-64.—Ribband  installation. in  the  same  direction  as  the  rafters,  as  shown  in with two 16d nails to the top of each ceiling joist, as figure 1-62. The 2 by 4s should be nailed to the top of shown in figure 1-65. The strongbacks are blocked up each ceiling joist with two 16d nails. The 2 by 4 pieces and  supported  over  the  outside  walls  and  interior should be spaced no more than 4 feet apart, and the ends partitions. Each strongback holds a ceiling joist in line secured to the heels of the rafters or to blocking over the and also helps support the joist at the center of its span. outside  walls. Roof  Slope When ceiling joists run in the same direction as the roof rafters, the outside ends must be cut to the slope of the roof. Ceiling frames are sometimes constructed with stub joists (fig. 1-63). Stub joists are necessary when, in certain sections of the roof, rafters and ceiling joists do not  run  in  the  same  direction.  For  example,  a low-pitched  hip  roof  requires  stub  joists  in  the  hip section of the roof. Ribbands  and  Strongbacks Ceiling  joists  not  supporting  a  floor  above  require no header joists or blocking. Without the additional header joists, however, ceiling joists may twist or bow at the centers of their span. To help prevent this, nail a 1 by 4 piece called a ribband at the center of the spans (fig. 1-64). The ribband is laid flat and fastened to the top of each joist with two 8d nails. The end of each ribband is secured to the outside walls of the building. A  more  effective  method  of  preventing  twisting  or bowing of the ceiling joists is to use a strongback. A strongback is made of 2 by 6 or 2 by 8 material nailed to the side of a 2 by 4 piece. The 2 by 4 piece is fastened Figure 1-65.—Strongback. 1-37

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